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TrioThursdays: Canadian Tuxedo

Google Canadian Tuxedo and the very first image you'll see is an image of Brit Brit and JT's in AMAs circa 2001. Don't fret, Canuck tux simply means a double-denim outfit. I'll spare you the details of it's history but you can read up on it here. If you're a total trivia junkie though and… Continue reading TrioThursdays: Canadian Tuxedo

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4th of July Wedding πŸ‘°

Sure, it may be a memorable day (Hey β€˜Murica!) and an easy one to remember at that for a wedding date but it being July means the archipelago is well into its rainy season and the fact that the day fell on a Tuesday also means that wedding attendees might not be guaranteed. But if… Continue reading 4th of July Wedding πŸ‘°